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Flag recognition


Because we haven’t been navigating, we don’t know where we are.  This, sadly, is a common occurrence amongst senior agents.  Mahalath tells me that, in a recent survey, when asked to state their exact location; ninety percent of senior agents couldn’t even understand the question and, of the remainder, only two of them knew what side of the planet they were on, with any precision.  Mahalath sketches some flags, which, she says, might help befuddled old agents.  I consider myself an expert at flag recognition and, when Mahalath asks me to pick the odd one out; I have no hesitation in choosing the flag that is upside down.  However, Mahalath tells me that I am wrong, as this flag is flown when an American vice admiral stands on his head. I say it is a stupid test and, to divert her attention, point out that we are being charged by large and unusual wild animals.  Mahalath says that this is another common occurrence amongst senior agents, which proves, she says, that flag recognition is a vital survival skill.  I don’t understand what she is talking about, however, recognising that, when in dangerous situations, to stay and argue an obscure and meaningless point is not a proven survival technique, we run away and hide, as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary