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Rescued by Ajnure


Carrying a slumbering bear slows us down.  The doves we are following, Coup and Flappy, have flown on far ahead and, and, unless we catch up, we will get lost and miss Jock Black’s party.  Fortunately, aunt Humperdink’s Agent Rescue Service is on the lookout and Juan’s cousin, Ajnure, and our old navigators, Donald MacTavish, and Donald McTavish, spotting us stumbling along, burdened with a dozing bear, kindly offer to take us the rest of the way. 

Looking down, we are surprised at the amount of warships.  Ajnure tells us that Jock Black’s birthday party is not being held at the Cheeky Monkey in Aberfeldy and that the authorities, in trying to help the war effort, and, surveying the damage caused by previous parties, told Jock, rather than inflict more destruction on Perthshire, he has to hold this year’s birthday party in Europe, behind enemy lines. 

After thanking Ajnure for picking us up and toasting everyone’s health, Mahalath says how our rescue proves the advantages of a professional attitude towards flag recognition, and, to demonstrate, she starts producing flags and asking us which ones are the odd ones out.  As flag recognition makes my brain turn to sludge, I leap out, borrow a sailing dingy and, unbothered by flags, sail with the fleet to a party. 

Professor Humperdink’s Diary