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To Humperdinkadad


Stop to visit our old friend Ali.  Ali tells us that his snake supply business is going very well and that only fourteen of his sixteen children have succumbed to snake bite.  Juan is surprised to hear him claim this as a success but Ali explains that although he lost seven eighths of his offspring, his hated brother, Amir, also in the snake business, lost eighteen of his twenty children to snake venom and seven eighths, by any estimation, is a lot better than nine tenths and the two and a half percent margin he has over his brother is, in this business, a considerable amount and something to be proud of.  Wishing Ali, and his children, the best of good fortune for their continuing business success, we head on to Humperdinkadad, Aunt Humperdink’s township in the heart of the Unknown Region in the beautiful Desert of Angad, where I will train our new agents in desert survival and Juan will expose them to a range of fine single malts, the knowledge of which is an essential component in the making of successful and happy agents.


Professor Humperdink’s Diary