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Following ships


Juan, toasting the beauty of the Highlands, reminds me that Highland women are the most beautiful women in the world.  In outlining their finely muscled calves, and comparing them, not unfavourably, to their well-exercised thighs, he loses control of the airship, and we crash again.  I remind him that it would be helpful if he stopped crashing things.  He replies that if you can’t trust equipment in action you can’t trust it anywhere.  I tell him that testing everything to destruction is an irritating and childish habit.  Now, discombobulatingly delayed and figishly behind schedule, we borrow an aeroplane from Ropkind Scharf and, lost and befuddled, roll all over the sky, desperately trying to follow some ships, hoping they know where they’re going. 

Professor Humperdink’s Diary