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Crashing through a door, we are delighted to bump into our old friend, Angus, from Buchanhaven.  Juan asks him why he’s looking at a pendulum; Angus says that he is trying to measure how fast it’s swinging.  I as him why, but he tells us that he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t care, that’s not part of his job, he says, he’s just doing the measuring and, frankly, he would rather be rehearsing for his part in the Buchanhaven Play, in which he is playing Mrs Mouse, a part to which, he says, his thespian forebears brought the dignity and nobility befitting the play, and an opportunity, he tells us, to perform the famous Happy Mouse Jig, introduced into the act by his great grandfather in eighteen forty-two.  With that, he drops on all fours and scampers away, squeaking. 

I remind Juan that Angus went nuts after being covered in the toxic seasoning in Juan’s bagpipes, when they exploded at Jock Black’s party.  Knowing what a serious effect this has on people, we both sympathise and, shouting after Angus, reassuring him that he’ll be a greatest Mrs Mouse ever to grace across the Buchanhaven stage, and drinking toast after toast to the success of his experiment, twirlingly befuddled and swingeingly behind schedule, we totter on, as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary