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Approaching the Forbidden Zone

Approaching the Forbidden Zone, the crew inform us that they can’t enter the area, as it’s forbidden, and they ask us to go in and rescue Mahalath.  But I am worried about the recruits that I am meant to be training in desert survival, and explain that they are waiting for me in the Unknown Region, in the Desert of Angad.  Juan says that he needs a rest and suggest that I go and rescue Mahalath, and he will find the recruits and, if they are still alive, lead them out of the desert.  After spending the last few days in stinking marshes, the attractions of a nice, dry, desert hike are obvious, so I tell him that he should rescue Mahalath, and that I will lead the recruits through the desert.  He says that Mahalath can look after herself and, frankly, he would rather go to Rio. Although I have to agree, we settle the argument in the traditional Highland fashion, and beat each other into unconsciousness, as fast as we possibly can.


Professor Humperdink’s Diary