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Spotting a couple of Hyracotheriums, Juan suggests, as we are clodpollishly behind schedule, that we catch them and ride them to Humperdinkadad.  This is a good idea, but I point out that Dirk’s continuum machine is quite likely to accelerate the evolvement of the creatures and we might find ourselves riding tapirs or rhinoceroses and, I remind Juan, the last time he rode a rhinoceros, he failed to control it, and it charged through Wonosobo fruit market.  Wishing to avoid another such calamity, we leave the animals alone and, after refreshing ourselves from our Glencadam, Highland Park, Bladnoch, Dailuaine and Pulteney hip flasks, we totter on through the Pliocene age, as fast as we possibly can.


Professor Humperdink’s Diary