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Missing Labrador

As we can’t find our way back to the flight deck, and our pilots don’t know the location of Humperdinkadad, and, with the accelerator stuck, they couldn’t stop even if they did find it, we have no choice but to jump out and proceed overland.  However, peering out of a window, I point out that we are over Labrador, and will have to walk across the Torngat Mountains, which is always a lot of fun, but clambering over the high ridges and stupendous precipices will delay us.  I also remind him that the last time we climbed Mount Terragona, his Special Reserve developed a blubbery flavour.  Juan nods, saying that this is not something we should risk, adding that ‘Terragon” is an Eskimo word meaning “bad spirits” and, if an Eskimo thinks a place is bad, it must be utterly disgusting, so we decide not to jump.  

To celebrate a good decision, Juan opens a barrel of vintage Tomintoul and, drinking toast after toast to all our Labradorean friends, crashing around passageways, falling down shafts, shouting for help, befuddled and fussocklly behind schedule, we stagger about in confusion, trying to get back to the flight deck as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary