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Coming across an anaconda, we immediately recognise Sally, Juan’s old pet.  I tell Juan that I had heard that Sally put up with working in Chuff’s snake dance routine for a week or so, then, fed up with being oiled with engine grease and shone up with an old rag, she left the circus, eating Sandy, the Balancing Seal, and his ball, Charlie, Angel, Pip, Kim, Alice, Starbright and Sasha, from Polly’s Performing Poodle Troupe, and Mavis the Juggling Midget, on the way out.  Juan picks up Sally and places her around his neck, and collapses under her weight.  He wants to stop and make a truck to pull the snake but I point out that we are lost and swinishly behind schedule so, raising our hip flasks, wishing Sally the best of luck and promising to come back and collect her, singing Johnnie Cope and Sally in our Alley at the top of our voices, we totter on, as fast as we possibly can.


Professor Humperdink’s Diary


Sally and Johnnie