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We discover that the Highland Park and Vintage Edradour Reserve tanks share the same overflow pipe, which, blocked by a large, intoxicated, rat, caused a back flow, which mixed the single malts together.  Fortunately, our old friend, Wilhelm, is on board and we have a lot of fun watching him singularise the blended whiskies.  As, before separation, the smoky Highland Park blends very well with the dry smoothness of the Edradour Reserve, and, after separation, the taste of both malts is exquisite, testing Wilhelm’s results is an entirely pleasant, if befuddling, experience.  Eventually, we decide that he has succeeded in restoring the mixed malts to their individual state of unique perfection.  Shouting with excitement, we offer toast after toast to Wilhelm and all useful chemists, then, knowing that we are globosely behind schedule, we stumble about, bouncing off the walls, falling down ladders, singing and shouting and brawling, fighting our way back to the flight deck, as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary