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Leaving Jock

Hurtling around in circles, we soon find ourselves back over Humperdinkestine.  Jock declares that he is fed up with bouncing around in a skulk airship that we can’t fly, and says that it would be quicker and easier, if he walks to Humperdinkem and rescues Mahalath by himself.  This is true, so, after sharing a cask of Juan’s Special Reserve, and drinking toast after toast to the success of Jock’s mission, the next time we plunge toward the ground, Jock, screaming the Black Watch war cry, leaps out of the window.  Turning in the air so that his bagpipes cushion his landing, Jock lands safely, with a tremendous screech.  Juan says that Jock will probably take a day or two to rescue Mahalath so we should spend the time wisely and have a night on the town.  This is a wonderful idea and, cheering and shouting with excitement, we wobble around the Humperdinkestinian sky, as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary