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Fashionable Cladactis


Juan keeps complaining that he didn’t have a present to give Mahalath, I say it is the thought that counts and he could have given her anything and she would have been pleased.  He says I am probably right as I gave her a jellyfish and she seemed happy.  I tell him that it wasn’t a jellyfish; it was an anemone, which, as it doesn’t sting, is a much better pet than a jellyfish. Producing another anemone from my bag, I remind Juan that the anemone is an inspiration to fashion designers all over the world.  Juan mocks my Margined Cladactis, saying that, while it might have inspired our friend Dondu, chief designer for the Bondu and, no doubt, it is popular amongst the Leopard Men of Konbundu, Jimi and Bo, but the anemone look is hardly fashionable in Paris, Rome, New York or Aberfeldy and, when it comes to fashion, nowhere else matters.  

I think that, in this instance, Juan is probably right so, after snacking on the cladactis, I remind him that our train is lethferously behind schedule, and, as we are in the middle of a desert, we urgently need to build a comfortable waiting room.  With this in mind, we immediately raise our flasks of Vintage Springbank, Lochside, Glenburgie and Balvenie Private Reserve then, drinking toast after toast to all fashion designers, we dodder around in muddled circles, as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary