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Sir Larry

We arrive at the castle and seek out our old friend, Sir Larry Lumpage, one of our top agents, and a senior member of the club. Larry is a great scholar and we find him in the east wing library, studying clan heraldry. Not wishing to disturb him, I write a note, telling him that we have arrived, and, although we are fatuously behind schedule, we will be staying for a few days, recuperating, and ask him to join us for a dram, when he has finished his studies.

After leaving the note, Juan declares that, as Scotch whisky and Highland women are essential for swift recuperation, we should find some, quickly. This is a good idea and, yelling and cheering with excitement, singing ‘Brig o' Perth’, ‘Calum Figheadair agus Calum Tàilear’ and ‘Be Kind to Auld Granny’, at the top of our voices, we head for the nearest bar, as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary