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Return to Castle Drear

Leaving Juan and Mahalath in The Wee Dram, I return to Castle Drear, to collect the horses. In the castle, I am surprised to meet Maggie and Mary again. They tell me that aunt Humperdink has asked them to go to Aberfeldy, for a meeting. I tell them that I am going to Aberfeldy as well, together with Mahalath and Juan. Maggie spits and says, “That crazed creature should be put down.” For a moment, I assume that Maggie is referring to Jetsam, Mary’s insane dog, but I realise, as the self-appointed guardian of the family’s reputation, Maggie is talking about Juan.

I tell Maggie and Mary that, with Mahalath keeping a close eye on Juan, he is behaving very well. Maggie sniffs, in her disdainful, haughty, manner and Mary says that she doubts that Mahalath can control Juan. Personally, I think these muddled old bats should mind their own business, but I make reassuring noises and, wishing them an easy journey to Aberfeldy, I rejoin Juan and Mahalath, as fast as I possibly can.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary