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Clan Cameron

The other tartan is that of the peace-loving Clan Cameron. Hundreds of years ago, their eleventh Chief, Donald Dhu, fought in a battle, but he didn’t like it. From that time, the Camerons avoid conflict and concentrate on breeding like rabbits.

Few Camerons are well known; great grand aunt Euphemia Humperdink, in her wonderful book, ‘The Scottish Clans & their Tartans’, does mention Donald, ‘The Gentle Locheil’, but omits James ‘The Soft Locheil’, Lachlan ‘The Docile Locheil’ and Colin ‘The Timorous Lamb of Letterfinlay’.

However, the Camerons do have one ancestor of note, ‘The Black Tailor of the Axe’; Aunt Humperdink supports all forms of craft, so, despite the lamentable battle history of Clan Cameron, I know, at least, that aunt will appreciate the clan’s sewing skills, so I put their tartan aside for further consideration and refresh myself with Vintage Glenmorangie and Benrinnes Private Reserve.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary