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The road to Humperdinkazuq

I discover that, as a method of navigation, following the sun is very easy, unfortunately, I suspect that we are travelling in the wrong direction. My suspicions are confirmed when I come across the road that leads to Humperdinkazuq, which is not in Colorado. This is disappointing, therefore, rather than to continue to rely upon solar navigation, I decide to go to the village and ask for directions. To celebrate a good decision, I break open the barrels of Vintage Bladnoch, Glen Scotia, Caperdonich and Macduff Special Reserve, which I keep for such occasions, then, bellowing with excitement, I spur my camel into a gallop and, singing ‘No Man’s Land’, ‘The Land of Light’ and ‘A Wee Drap o’ Whisky’, we lope along the road to Humperdinkazuq, as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink's Diary