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Leaving the stone

Bump into Rodrigo, and his brothers, Manuel, Jorge and Sergio. We are surprised to see them, but they explain that they were sailing back to Spain, after visiting aunt Humperdink in England, and their ship was lured onto the Cornish cliffs, and looted; one of Cornwall's more successful industries. They have some interesting news; aunt Humperdink told them that Dirk's time machine is operating again, it isn't, as far as she knows, actually working, but it is humming, buzzing, clicking and sending out sparks, which is promising.

This is very exciting and, to celebrate, we share out our flasks of Vintage Tomatin, Lochside, Springbank, and Glenordie Private Reserve; Juan tells our Spanish friends that we are meant to be meeting aunt in India, but that dragging the stone has made us idiotically behind schedule. Rodrigo says that they would be happy to take the stone for us, I give them a few handfuls of gems, for their trouble, Juan leaves them a keg of his Special Reserve, to give them energy, and, to show our appreciation, before leaving, we blow up our bagpipes and regale our friends with our rendition of 'Spanish Lady', and we all dance madly around the stone, as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink's Diary