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Returning to the Selborne Arms

While we wait for Alberto to bring a balloon we refresh ourselves with Vintage Linkwood, Bowmore, Glendronach, and Glen Elgin Private Reserve and, when we spot Alberto‘s balloon, we are all very refreshed and extremely excited, but, when he comes closer, we realise that the balloon is very small airship and we will have to stand underneath it, rather than travelling in it. Juan says that this shouldn’t be a problem, and the view will be spectacular, but Roly says that he has no intention of standing under a small airship all the way to India and, noticing that Alberto’s craft is marked number nine, he asks what happened to the previous eight balloons; when Alberto tells us that the other balloons crashed but, he assures us, this one seems to be holding up very well, Roly isn’t convinced and refuses to travel on the thing. Aberto volunteers to get another, bigger, craft. I ask him to be quick, reminding him that we are erghishly behind schedule. Alberto says that it will take him a few days to get another airship, Juan says that the best thing we can do, while waiting for Albert, is to go to the pub, this is entirely sensible and we all race back to the Selborne Arms, as fast as we possibly can.

Professor Humperdink’s Diary